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This section will be updated a little later on, when the schedules, regions, and playoff bracket setup is announced.

Ok more is coming so dont panic, but to hold you over here is the way that the Top 10 will be at the end of the 2001 season!

1. Clay County

2. Houston County

3. Lineville

4. Southern Choctaw

5. Leroy

6. Greene County

7. Straughn

8. Crossville

9. Horseshoe Bend

10. Pickens County

Panther Poll
Who will win the 2001 2-A title?

Clay County
Greene County
Southern Choctaw
South Lamar
Geneva County
Houston County
Randolph County

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Game by Game Predictions:

Week 1: Open Date

Week 2: Clay County vs. Hazlewood: Have you ever heard that old saying, "and the truth shall set you free"? Well as much as I hate it, I must be honest here. This should be another classic battle, but honesty is honesty and this season the Panthers may not have the power to out-do the most storied program in Alabama High School Football history. My prediction: Clay County 15 Hazlewood 16

Week 3: Clay County vs. Highland Home: With all do respect to Highland Home, they dont stand a chance! Clay County will be out for blood coming off of a loss. Highland Home has a good program that is steadily improving, but they dont play the same kinda ball we do here in Clay County, Alabama! My prediction: Clay County 34 Highland Home 8

Week 4: Clay County vs. Horseshoe Bend: You know this has turned into a pretty fierce rivalry over the past few years. I look for Horseshoe Bend to have their best team ever this season. Some people say they may even have the firepower to win region 4 this season. If Clay County gets upset this year like they did last year against Randolph County, Horseshoe Bend will be the team to do it! You know how close they always play us anyway. Clay County will get a scare and for once it wont be because they played bad, it will be because Horseshoe Bend is that good, but still the Generals arent ready to play with the big dogs yet, and I give the Panthers the nod in this one. My prediction: Clay County 21 Horseshoe Bend 19

Week 5: Clay County vs. Winterboro: Winterboro is another one of those teams that always steps up their play against CCHS, yet they still manage to get beat by 40 or so almost every time. Let's face it, Winterboro isnt exactly a powerhouse, but have the athletes to always make it interesting. But after three straight tough games, Clay County will be ready to blow someone out. My prediction: Clay County 46 Winterboro 0

Week 6: Clay County vs. Beulah: I dont think anyone has forgotten that 79-12 beating we put on Beulah back in 1996, espicially Beulah! Ever since then they have played us quite respectably and their program has drastically improved, now their still not ready to conquer the world, but they are gettin better. Still no where near the "mighty panthers" though. My prediction: Clay County 41 Beulah 0

Week 7: Clay County vs. Randolph County: This will be my easiest prediction, I can sum it all up with one word; REVENGE! My prediction: Clay County 27 Randolph County 7

Week 8: Clay County vs. Marbury: Marbury is usually a decent team. Last year they were'nt but they were rebuilding, it happens! I remember back in 1998 they beat Maplesville, a powerhouse! They usually are a play-off contender, but Im not real sure if they will be a play-off contender or not, but I am certain of one thing. They arent good enough to beat Clay County. My Prediction: Clay County 32 Marbury 0

Week 9: Clay County vs. Ranburne: Ranburne has had a great past few years, but they have always run into the problem of not being able to beat Clay County and Lineville. Throw Horseshoe Bend on top of that and look for more of the same to happen this year. My Prediction: Clay County 30 Ranburne 12

Week 10: Clay County vs. Lineville: "Clay Bowl", biggest game in Alabama, two top ten teams and unless Horseshoe Bend pulls an upset over one of the 2 big dogs will likely be competing for region title. Should be another classic "Clay Bowl" espicially if your a panther! My Prediction: Clay County 22 Lineville 21


Here are my predictions for the way each team will finish in their respective regions, I may be right on the nose, or I may be like the so-called "experts" and be totally wrong, these are subject to change, these are based on what the teams did last year, what they have coming back and their tradition. Now remember only the top four teams from each region gets to go the the playoffs, so I hope your team is in there, if not maybe I'll be wrong, or better luck next year!

Region 1
1. Leroy
2. Southern Choctaw
3. Excel
4. Greene County
5. McIntosh
6. Keith
7. R.C. Hatch

Region 2
1. Houston County
2. Geneva County
3. Houston Academy
4. Cottonwood
5. Samson
6. New Brockton
7. Slocumb

Region 3
1. Straughn
2. Highland Home
3. Goshen
4. Georgiana
5. Red Level
6. Saint Jude
7. Barbour County

Region 4
1. Clay County
2. Lineville
3. Horseshoe Bend
4. Randolph County
5. Ranburne
6. Beulah
7. Winterboro
8. Marbury

Region 5
1. South Lamar
2. Vincent
3. Pickens County
4. Gordo
5. Hale County
6. Cordova
7. Oakman
8. Calera

Region 6
1. Ohatchee
2. Susan Moore
3. West-End
4. Donoho
5. Cleveland
6. Westbrook Christian
7. White Plains
8. Peasant Valley

Region 7
1. Crossville
2. Fyffe
3. Geradine
4. Pisgah
5. Sand Rock
6. Ider
7. Section
8. Gaston

Region 8
1. Addison
2. Cherokee
3. Hatton
4. Red Bay
5. Tanner
6. Cold Springs
7. Clements

2001 State Champs for each classification!


2A-Clay County

3A-Phil Campbell

4A-T.R. Miller


6A-Shades Valley

5 other teams in each class to look out for!

1A-Hazlewood, Courtland, Reeltown, Sumiton Christian, Carrolton

2A-Lineville, Southern Choctaw, Leroy, Houston County, South Lamar

3A-Colbert County, Aliceville, Litchfield, Washington County, Luverne

4A-Fayette County, Alexandria, Jemison, UMS-Wright, Deshler

5A-Williamson, Benjamin Russell, Briarwood Christian, Gadsden, Etowah

6A-Hoover, R.E. Lee, Grissom, Opelika, Hewitt-Trussville