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2-A State Champs 1991, 1992, State 2-A Runner-up 1988


Did you know that in the 87-88 season Clay County went to the state title game and took on defending champ, Francis Marion. They lost that game 56-55. This was the 2nd of four consecutivce titles for Francis Marion. A streak which was ended by Clay County in the 91-92 season?

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Who was the greatest Basketball player ever at Clay County?

Abe Hicks
Lance Weems
Billy Ross
Chad Gibbons
Stanford Simmons
Johnny Street

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Welcome to the Panther Basketball Section!

This was a very strange season for Panther basketball, the best way to describe it was a roller coaster ride. At times this season the panthers looked like state title contenders at others they looked like a team that wasnt going to the playoffs, unfortunatly the second of the two teams is what we ended up with, not even going to the playoffs. This is understandable though, every single player on the basketball team played football and since they won the state title, they were exhausted and had less practice than all of the teams that they played. The first ballgame of the season was great, we saw the talent that the team had when they thumped Bibb Graves by more than 40, but only to lose to that same team less than 3 weeks later. They had a record of 2-2 against their arch-rival Lineville and we were very proud of that considerng this was the first time we'd beaten them in several years. We finished as county runner-up, after losing a hard fought game to Mellow Valley who lost only 4 games all year. This was a team comprised of a lot of seniors so Coach Weems has his work cut out for him, but when you've been around as long as he has, you know what your doing, and we all know that he is striving to get the panthers back to the championship level. Stay tuned for more updates!

2000-2001 Panther Basketball Team:

Chad Gibbons

Rashad Ward

Corey Vinson

Brian Mumper

"Pee Wee" Ellis

Travis Zackery

Cedric Smith

Nick Fables

In my opinion Lance Weems and Billy Ross were the 2 greatest basketball players ever at Clay County and 2 of the states best ever as well, and here is just a small amount of what they accomplished in their,respective, careers:

***Lance Weems:
Played in 130 Games
Scored in Double Figures 127 Times:
-Twenties-36 Times
-Thirties-43 Times
-Forties-15 Times
Avg. 28.2 Points Per Game
Avg. 5.5 Rebounds Per Game
Avg. 6.0 Assists Per Game
102-28 Career Record
Played in 130 games
1,404 of 2,553 FG's Made-55%
631 of 818 FT's made-77%
717 Career Rebounds
210 of 540 3pts Made-39%774 Assists
3,660 Points

***Billy Ross
Played in 138 Games
Scored in Double Figures 121 Times
-Twenties-49 Times
-Thirties-34 Times
-Fourties-10 Times
Avg. 24.5 Points Per Game
Avg. 9.8 Rebounds Per Game
Avg. 1.5 Assists Per Game
90-48 Career Record
Played in 138 games
1,398 of 2,685 FG's Made-52%
496 of 718 FT's Made-69%
1,359 Career Rebounds
220 Career Assists
106 of 341 3pt Made-31%
3,383 Career Points